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OneStep Blocker Reagent



OneStep Blocker Reagent is a blocking solution for Western blot analysis. This OneStep Blocker Reagent not only provides blocking, primary and secondary antibody hybridization in one step, but also could enhances the signal developed by HRP (horseradish peroxidase) or AP (alkaline phosphatase) substrates. It, therefore, serves as both blocker and enhancer in Western analysis. With the three-in-one step procedure. OneStep Blocker Reagent is an economic solution for the time consuming and laborious Western procedure.


Features of OneStep Blocker Reagent 

  • Simplicity: Simplify the operation for dilute primary & secondary antibody and block the membrane in one step.
  • Enhanced sensitivity: It increases 2~5 folds signal intensity for most protein targets, enabling much lower abuandance protein to be detected with the same substrate and method.
  • Time-saving: It saves at least 2 hours in the antibody detection process during the Western Blot, with only one hour needed.
  • Universal antibody diluent: Ready-to-use dilution buffer for most of primary and secondary antibody.
  • No blocking step needed: Just immerse the membrane in the OneStep Blocker solution with your antibodies. 
  • Effective with any ECL: Both HRP and AP substrates are suitable for antibody detection.  
  • Less hands-on steps: No wash steps are required, meaning no need to transfer membrane in and out of container.
  • Compatible with PVDF & NC membrane: Regardless of the pore size, the OneStep Blocker minimizes the background from non-specific protein binding by antibodies.
  • Improve specificity: Improve the binding process of target proteins, so that specific antibodies can bind more effectively.

Figure 1. The Comparasion between OneStep Blocker and Common Blocking Solutions

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