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iLink™ Antibody Labeling Kits


Applied BioProbes has developed a breakthrough antibody labeling technology with Andy Fluor™ dyes — iLink™ Antibody Labeling Kits. With this technology, you only need to mix your antibody with Andy Fluor™ dye provided in the kit, and in 30 minutes you will have an optimally labeled Andy Fluor™ dye-antibody conjugate ready for immunostaining. The labeling technology provides unprecedented convenience for multicolor immunostaining, where pre-labeled primary antibodies may not be available, and indirect staining via pre-labeled fluorescent secondary antibodies may also be difficult due to cross-interaction among different antibodies.


  • Simple work-flow — Add, mix, and ready to use;
  • Fast — Covalently label your antibody in 30 min;
  • Multicolor — Many Andy Fluor™ dyes to choose;
  • Brightness — Use Andy Fluor™ dyes for brighter conjugate;
  • Photostability — Use Andy Fluor™ dyes for highly photostable conjugate.

iLink Antibody Labeling Kit Selection Guide

Fluorophore Ex/Em (nm) Imaging Flow cytometry Cat. No.
Biotin   L030
FITC 495/518     L031
Andy Fluor™ 350 350/440   L032
Andy Fluor™ 405M 405/450 L033
Andy Fluor™ 488 495/520 L034
Andy Fluor™ 555 553/565     L035
Andy Fluor™ 568 578/602   L036
Andy Fluor™ 594 590/615     L037
Andy Fluor™ 647 650/666 L038


How iLink™ Antibody Labeling Kits work

The Antibody Labeling Kits utilize an amine-reactive Andy Fluor™ fluorophore to covalently attach the label to the IgG antibody of interest.  The Antibody Labeling Kits are optimized for labeling 50-100 µg of antibody per reaction, and contain everything you need to perform the conjugation. Simply mix your antibody with a vial of pre-measured Andy Fluor™ dye, biotin, or FITC, and wait for 30 minutes, you will have an optimally labeled antibody conjugate ready to be used in any immunofluorescence staining experiment.

Figure 1. Label your antibody in 30 minutes.


To order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Ex/Em(nm) Unit Price
L030 iLink™ Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit 3 labeling 1000
L031 iLink™ FITC Antibody Labeling Kit 495/518 3 labeling 1000
L032 iLink™ Andy Fluor 350 Antibody Labeling Kit 350/440 3 labeling 1500
L033 iLink™ Andy Fluor 405M Antibody Labeling Kit 405/450 3 labeling 1500
L034 iLink™  Andy Fluor 488  Antibody Labeling Kit 495/520 3 labeling 1500
L035 iLink™  Andy Fluor 555  Antibody Labeling Kit 553/565 3 labeling 1500
L036 iLink™  Andy Fluor 568  Antibody Labeling Kit 578/602 3 labeling 1500
L037 iLink™  Andy Fluor 594  Antibody Labeling Kit 590/615 3 labeling 1500
L038 iLink™  Andy Fluor 647  Antibody Labeling Kit 650/666 3 labeling 1500